A man and his dogs

Raymond Baxter, Jacques Cousteau, Jacob Bronowski, Tony Hart and John Noakes were my education

I was saved from the grammar to secondary modern chaos inflicted on us baby booming 11 year olds by easy access to television and music which are  probably the cause of my idealistic rather than practical trait

I should have paid more attention in class but Latin and the periodic table sailed right over my head.

In retrospect I was guided through the frightening diversity and confusion of real life by the TV chaps listed above to a soundtrack provided by Bolan and Bowie.

It was sad to read when I woke this morning in Shanghai that the last of those on the list John Noakes has died aged 83

Mr Noakes was an ordinary guy in M and S comfy clothes and brown shoes with a heart as big and brave as the ocean. He was one of those television naturals that existed before the peacock types who inhabit shows like the Bake Off.

His easy and honest manner totally without pretension provided him with a natural accessibility to his young audience. He was the older brother or father we all wanted.

He made the watching of his co presenters on Blue Peter, Valerie and Peter bearable and unmissable.

Bond he was not but we loved him.

Sad to hear he died but glad he has found  release from Alzheimer’s 

Petra and Shep are waiting for that long walk

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