Do you have a piece of cheese?

Ben Gunn’s craving for cheese whilst contemplating his desert island discs made a surprising appearance in Blade Runner 2049. Deckerd asked Officer K if he “had a piece of cheese”. Deckerd had spent a few years in isolation like Ben Gunn playing his favourite songs (Elvis’ Vegas favourite Suspicious minds and Sinatra’s One for the road) on his Wurlitzer holographic juke box activated old style by a nickel.

“Oh you read” Deckerd says as Officer K offers his “Treasure Island” answer to the big cheese question. More implanted human memories, the synaptic algorithms of the replicant hard-drive replaces the human hippocampus; perpetuating the central question of Blade Runner since the 1980’s. Human or Tyrell hardware, man or Kraftwerk’s 1970’s Die Mensch Machine?

30 years on I was again transfixed by the visual spectacle of Blade Runner 2049 and its primeval off world body vibrating score. The fidelity to Ridley Scott’s original movie and its effortless  transition from the original Deckerd / Rachel love story  to the 2049 detective story was a movie going privilege I have seldom experienced.

Blade Runner is one of those rare experiences, a dystopic disease that infected my designer DNA. It is a constant reference point.  An eclectic, minimal, maximal urban hell full of futurist Saint’Ellia style buildings and flying Spinner cars.

The must have whisky glass and coat stand , the Mackintosh Argyle chair and FLW’s Holly Hock house textured wall surfaces….so much to see it takes 30 years of constant watching.

Without the visionary Syd Mead and the Roger Dean’s of this world I could have ended up being an insurance broker or worse a banker

“There’s always a moron
Someone to hate
A corporate tie
A wig and a date
Just a dog”

Bowie…Fall Dog Bombs the Moon

Thank you Mr Dick and your sheep dreaming androids



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